Contacts and Committiees

If you have any question please contact to Judith Katzy or Zoltan Nagy or the LOC mailing list

Local Organizing Committee

Markus Diehl (DESY)
Alexander Glazov (DESY)
Hannes Jung (DESY)
Judith Katzy (DESY)
Bernd Kniehl (Uni. HH)
Sven-Olaf Moch (Uni. HH)
Zoltan Nagy (DESY)

Working groups and Convenors

We have 3 working groups with several conveners each as listed below.
Group1: PDF
conveners: Voica Radescu, Pedro Jimenez-Delgado
Group 2: Hard QCD and MC
conveners: David D’Enterria(CMS), Pavel Starovoitov (ATLAS), Gabor Somogyi (theory), Steffen Schumann (theory,MC), Matteo Cacciari (theory, jets)
Group 2a: Heavy Quarkonia
conveners: Mathias Butenschoen (theory),  Pietro Faccioli (CMS), Giulia Manca (LHCb), Alex Cerri(ATLAS)
Group 3:  Multi-parton dynamics
conveners: O.Kepka (ATLAS), Albert Knutsson(CMS),K. Kutak(theory)

Abstract submission

Abstracts can be submitted by email to the corresponding conveners and Judith Katzy. Abstract submission is possible until 1.7.2013.

International Advisory Board

J. Bluemlein (DESY, DE)
K. Ellis (FNAL, USA)
W. Giele (FNAL, USA)
N. Glover (IPPP Durham, UK)
J. Huston (MSU, USA)
M. Mangano (CERN, CH)
F. Olness (SMU, USA)