QCD@LHC 2013

This workshop aims at instigating discussions and future work between experimenters and theorists, working on strong interactions at the LHC.  
Topics to be discussed include:
  • Latest results from the LHC on Soft and Hard QCD 
  • Theory of Jets
  • Parton Density Functions
  • Higher Order Calculations
  • Event Simulations
  • Resummation
  • Top Physics
  • Higgs Physics
  • QCD for BSM studies 

The agenda consists of several plenary and paralell sessions. The paralell sessions are organized by the working group convenors. 

PDF working group
conveners: Voica Radescu, Pedro Jimenez-Delgado

Hard QCD and MC woking group
conveners: David D’Enterria(CMS), Pavel Starovoitov (ATLAS), Gabor Somogyi (theory), Steffen Schumann (theory,MC), Matteo Cacciari (theory, jets)
Heavy Quarkonia working group
conveners: Mathias Butenschoen (theory), Pietro Faccioli (CMS), Giulia Manca (LHCb), Alex Cerri (ATLAS)
Multi-parton dynamics working group
conveners: Oldrich Kepka (ATLAS), Albert Knutsson(CMS),K. Kutak(theory)


Previous meetings:

Trento, Italy, 2010, QCD@LHC 2010
St. Andrews, Scotland, 2011, QCD@LHC2011
East Lansing, Michigan, USA, 2012, QCD@LHC2012